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I have used the grease lubrication products from Van Phuong’s company. I have used them for over 10 years. Actually, that are these good products. They have helped me to maintain my machine very well

I am a distributor of the grease lubrication products, my customers only trust the grease lubrication products from Van Phuong company. The company’s products make My customers very satisfy, that has helped me to create a very good reputation with my customers.

My company often uses the grease lubrication products to maintain all kinds of conveyor belts and machinery in the factory. The products of Van Phuong are not only good quality but also reasonable cost. This has helped us save a lot of factory maintenance costs..

With Van Phuong’s water-resistant of the grease lubrication products. They have helped my machinery and equipment do not rust in humid climates.

Our Team

Mrs Nguyen Thi Phuong

Mrs Nguyen Cam Phuong

Mr Tran Van Thanh
Chief Technical

Mrs Nguyen Thi Hoa Sen

Mr To Ngoc Phat