Our sales policy

I. Validity term of quotation

7 days from the date of sending notice to the customer

II. Delivery time

  • Orders <= 2 tons: within 3 – 5 days of receiving the deposit for the order
  • Orders 2 – 5 tons: within 7 – 10 days of receiving deposit for the order
  • Orders> 5 tons: will negotiate and indicate the delivery date in the contract or order.

III. Regulations on return of goods

3.1. Van Phuong will take back the goods and exchange the product in the following cases:

  • The type of product delivered to the customer does not match the order
  • The product is technically defective or does not meet technical requirements compared with the attached technical document or described in the contract / order.

3.2. Steps to return goods to Van Phuong (after confirmation by Van Phuong):

  • Customers deliver goods to Van Phuong warehouse
  • 2 parties count and sign to receive returned products
  • Shipping costs will be paid by Van Phuong

3.3. After confirming the error from Van Phuong, receive the returned goods from the customer

  • Van Phuong produces to compensate for the returned goods
  • Van Phuong does not give cash refunds for returned items

3.3. Van Phuong does not receive the products in the following cases:

  • Products have shown signs of being used: open boxes, bags are torn, labels are not intact
  • The product is mixed with other impurities that the cause is not from Van Phuong

IV. Payment regulations

4.1. For new customers: 100% payment before delivery

4.2. For loyal customers

Loyal customers are allowed to leave the warehouse for delivery when one of the following 2 conditions is met:

  • Pay the excess when the total value of the order + with the outstanding balance at the time of order> allowable debt limit
  • Total value of orders + with outstanding balance at the time of order <= allowable debt limit

4.3. Debt limit

  • Customers will be granted a credit limit depending on sales and payment history of the customer
  • The debt limit will be reviewed at the end of the year and will notify customers at the beginning of the new year
  • At the end of the year, all customers need to complete the payment of their debts to be granted the debt limit for the new year. If the customer does not pay off, Van Phuong will reduce the debt limit or not provide goods depending on the specific case.

4.4. For customers to order on request

  • 30% deposit when sending your order or right after the contract signed within 7 working days
  • Pay the remaining 70% at the time of receipt of goods (quantity and quality checked) or other cases will be specified in the payment terms of the contract.